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Kandy Rose

7 Step Nail Buffer/File

7 Step Nail Buffer/File

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Key Features:
- 4-sided nail file sponge.
- 7 different grits.
- Has everything needed for a complete manicure.
- Can be used on hand and toe nails.

Best Used For:
- Shaping nails.
- Refining nail shape.
- Smoothing the edges of nails.
- Conditioning the nails.
- Polishing nails.

How To Use:
- Start shaping the nail with the surface of the file marked step 1.
- Use the surface named step 2 to refine the shape of the nail.
- Use the surface saying step 3 to smooth the edges of your nail.
- Condition the nail using the surface named step 4.
- Buff your nails to give them a consistent shine using the surface called step 6.
- Polish the nail on the surface called step 7.

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