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Kandy Rose

Large Microfiber Hair Towel- Blue

Large Microfiber Hair Towel- Blue

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Anti Frizz Hair Drying Towel with Elastic Strap
Super Absorbent 
Size: 60cm x 40cm 

HEALTHIER STRONGER HAIR - Drying with our high-quality extra-long microfiber hair towel, leaves damaged hair 3x stronger than using a traditional towel and 5x stronger than speed drying with a blow dryer.

PROTECT HAIR AT ITS WEAKEST, CUTS DOWN DRYING TIME - Tired of using a traditional towel that takes forever to dry your hair? Mellon Moon microfiber rapid dry hair towels wick water away from hair, without rubbing or heat for healthier hair—reduce dry time by 50%.

EASY TO USE, NEVER FALLS OFF - This Lightweight and durable ultra-soft hair towel wrap, has a strong elastic loop on the back design that is easy to use, Simply wrap, twist, and tuck to keep the hair turban towel secure on your head - it won't fall off! Provide greater convenience for hands-free multitasking, mornings and nights.

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